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Skin Care Products

Your skin is the biggest organ you have, and it’s charged with protecting your body from harmful irritants, including UV radiation, daily pollutants, and bacteria. It’s important to develop a skin care regimen that’s regular and adapts to your needs. Routine laser skin resurfacing, and other aesthetic services can help you achieve and sustain the glowing, youthful-looking skin you want. From stimulating collagen to evening skin tones and unclogging pores, the more you take care of your skin, the better it will take care of you.

High Quality Skin Care Products

At 十大网堵平台 Aesthetic Medicine, we’re much more than a MedSpa. You’ll not only find the best, safest, and most effective skin care products, but a team of experts and skin treatments to help you achieve clear, healthy, beautiful skin. You can only get top-rated, physician-grade skin care products at physician offices. Meet the team of estheticians at 十大网堵平台 Aesthetic Medicine! Over-the-counter products are sometimes helpful for very minor skin issues, 但是如果你想要伟大的结果很快, you need to work with professionals.

Just like you and your skin, every skin care regimen is unique—or it should be! That’s why at 十大网堵平台, we work with you to personalize a skin care regimen that keeps up with your changing needs and lifestyle. In Oregon, we have four distinct seasons, which can make it especially challenging to keep up with your skin’s changing needs throughout the year. Keeping oil production and acne in check during the summer months while ensuring your skin is moisturized and healthy in the winter months will likely require different approaches and products.

If you’ve tried Googling skin care products, you probably quickly got overwhelmed by just how many skin care products and lines are out there. We do all of the work and research for you, so you always know you have customized products selected just for you.

Skin Medica

十大网堵平台 Skin Care Skin Medica

SkinMedica is one of the most highly recommended product lines at 十大网堵平台, and for good reason. The HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator includes five distinct hydrators to immediately begin revitalizing your skin and its natural hyaluronic acid (HA). HA5 can be used on all skin types and balances the moisture of the skin while smoothing textures and minimizing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It’s fragrance-free and provides an incredible eight continuous hours of moisturization. The product’s humectants attract moisture in the air and direct it to places on your skin that most need it. HA5 is so powerful that you’ll actually see it start to work as soon as it’s applied.

Suitable for the face, neck, and decolletage, key ingredients of HA5 include HA, peptide complex to reduce lines and wrinkles further, and Vitamin E to safeguard the skin from free radicals and premature aging. Sulfate-free, paraben-free, and oil-free, it also features plant stem cells, amino acids, and antioxidants.

One of the most popular and powerful SkinMedica products is the TNS Advanced+ Serum, Dr. Thompson’s all-time favorite product! TNS essential serum is the Cadillac of skin care treatments. It’s your all-in-one treatment that includes human growth factors, which are proteins to help coordinate the repair and rejuvenation of your skin. It contains natural skin lighteners to minimize unsightly brown spots and hyperpigmentation. It also contains antioxidants to minimize free radical damage to the skin and proteins to help with collagen synthesis and hydration.  SkinMedica patented TNS to include the highest concentration of a proprietary blend of 380 growth factors, matrix proteins, and cytokines in existence!


十大网堵平台 Skin Care PCA

PCA Skin was established in 1990 by an esthetician and further developed by a dermatologist. The company prioritizes innovation, education, and great customer support. PCA created and further enhanced the Jessner Peel, as well as a suite of products only available to dermatologists and industry professionals. At 十大网堵平台, we make use of many PCA products for in-office treatments, including the Jessner Peel, but PCA Skin also offers products available directly to the public. These include cleansers, antioxidants, moisturizers, sunscreens, and much more. By working with a 十大网堵平台 provider, you can explore the PCA Skin options and create an at-home skin care regimen that’s just right for you and your needs.


十大网堵平台 Aesthetic Medicine, Salem, Oregon

Colorescience is a fantastic line of medical-grade skin care products. Best known for the award-winning sunscreens, the brush-on protection with a variety of shades will keep your skin protected and looking flawless. Colorescience infuses traditional makeup and sunscreen into one product for long-lasting and gorgeous results.


十大网堵平台 Skin Care Epionce

Epionce was created by a dermatologist and includes a line of state-of-the-art skin care products rooted in over two decades of science. The goal of this line is to rejuvenate your skin by helping it to achieve its full potential. Botanical blends with no harsh ingredients make Epionce perfect for those with sensitive skin or anyone looking for a more natural approach to their life—and beauty. Enjoy healthier, younger-looking skin by exploring the Epionce line, which includes cleansers and treatments that correct and boost skin issues and imperfections. You can also find renewing and fortifying products, and of course, treatments to prevent and protect your skin from future damage.

ZO Skin Health

十大网堵平台 Skin Care ZO

ZO Skin Health was created by Dr. Zein Obagi, the renowned dermatologist and award-winning inventor. Like PCA, ZO Skin Health also offers products that are for professional use only and others that are available to the general public. There’s a wide range of products and treatments, all based in science, to help you achieve healthier, clearer, and more beautiful skin. These products include cleansers, exfoliants, toners, anti-aging serums, brightening treatments, acne treatments, sunscreens, and of course, products to specifically address common eye area issues such as fine lines and wrinkles.


十大网堵平台 Skin Care Elta MD

EltaMD is a leading dermatologist-recommended line of sunscreen products for the face and body. Protecting your skin from the sun is the best thing you can do to avoid skin cancer and keep your skin looking youthful and clear. However, not all sunscreens are created equally. Sunscreens must be broad-spectrum to protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Choosing a sunscreen that’s at least SPF 30 is critical for optimal protection. It’s also the ingredients themselves that can make a big difference in results. EltaMD offers a wide range of products, including tinted sunscreens, sprays, and lotions, all with a minimum of SPF30 protection.


十大网堵平台 Skin Care Latisse

If you love the look of longer, fuller lashes but don’t have the time to spend on regular lash extensions (or the patience to deal with lash strips), Latisse might be for you. It’s an FDA-approved prescription product that helps grow your real eyelashes. Latisse treats hypotrichosis (loss of eyelashes) by enhancing the color, length, and density of the lashes. Latisse is a prescription product and requires a 15-minute consultation with a physician.

We Answer The Most

Frequently Asked Questions

Which skin care product is right for me?2020-02-09T09:34:33-08:00

It depends, and it can vary based on the climate and your skin. It’s very common for skin care needs to change over time, which is why it’s important to have a trusted aesthetic medicine team on your side.

What’s the difference between skin care products found at the store and at a clinic?2020-02-09T09:35:10-08:00

The combination and quality of ingredients make all the difference. The best skin care products use proprietary ingredients and blends that just aren’t available in drugstore-level products. However, if you really want to know the difference, give a customized skin care regimen a try. You’ll quickly feel and see the difference!

What if I don’t have time for a long skin care routine?2020-02-09T09:35:48-08:00

Today’s leading products are designed with efficiency in mind. You don’t need a lot of time to apply your skin care products properly. In less than one minute, you can adopt a healthy skin care regimen that works for you and your life.

Protection is Just the Beginning

Did you know using a daily sunscreen may be the best anti-aging product out there? Harmful UV radiation from the sun reaches our skin, rain or shine, and through windows. It causes premature aging by damaging collagen, creating free radicals leading to wrinkled skin, increased redness, unwanted pigmentation, and skin cancer. At 十大网堵平台, we always recommend using a daily sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher every day. The best offense is a good defense, especially when it comes to skin health. However, most people have suffered at least one sunburn in their life or gone out in the sun with subpar protection. The good news is that sun damage can be reversed. Broadband light (BBL) treatments are effective in removing signs of sun damage. With no downtime, you can reclaim a more youthful appearance and undo years of sun damage.

十大网堵平台 offers a number of treatments to complement a solid sunscreen regimen, from microneedling to Dermaplaning. Consider sunscreen the foundation of healthy skin care that you can build upon with treatments and additional products. SkinMedica and EltaMD are trusted, proven lines that yield incredible results for all types of skin.

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