Humans are fickle creatures, which gives one pause when it comes to considering how tattoos have come mainstream. Tattoos used to mean forever, but that notion faded with the advent of laser tattoo removal. However, for many years tattoo removal was more like tattoo lightening. The process was painful, expensive, took many sessions, and older lasers could only lighten or remove certain tattoos (specifically those with black ink that sat close to the surface). That all changed with MedLite 6, the only laser 维达纹身消除的提议和建议.

There are countless reasons why you might want to remove a tattoo. Maybe the quality is poor—but you didn’t want to get stuck with a lighter version of the same ink by using other lasers. Maybe you just no longer vibe with the type of tattoo you have, even though the quality is solid. Or maybe you’re an ink-lover for life and you need to clear up space for MORE, better ink that suits you. At 十大网堵平台, we don’t judge the why behind tattoo removal. We simply offer the best method for getting rid of unwanted ink, and that’s the MedLite 6.

How Tattoo Removal Works

All tattoo removal lasers work in somewhat the same way, by targeting darker parts of the skin. That might be ink or melanin (such as freckles). This is why, for so many years, a lot of lasers struggled with certain colors like green and yellow. These hues were tougher to remove because they didn’t exactly “look” like sun damage or a mole. MedLite 6 is capable of “seeing” all the colors of the rainbow, and is a non-invasive FDA-approved laser for “skin rejuvenation” that uses Q-switched Nd:YAG laser technology.

What exactly does this mean? It has various wavelengths and a Q-switched nanosecond approach for your tattoo removal (of course, you can also use it to vanquish unwanted melanin, too!). It hones in on skin cells that have “pigmentation” but doesn’t discriminate when it comes to color of pigmentation. You may have seen MedLite 6 offered as a solution for a myriad of cosmetic issues, but it’s also the leader when it comes to getting rid of ink.

All tattoos, no matter how old or deep, can be seriously lightened or even removed with multiple MedLite 6 sessions. You’re still going to need more than one appointment regardless of your tattoo or skin type, but you’ll see significant changes with every session. Plus, thanks to the latest technology, MedLite 6 tattoo removal isn’t nearly as painful as tattoo removal of years past. In fact, many patients say it is similar to the discomfort felt with the initial tattoo (and if you handled the tattoo, you can definitely manage MedLite 6).

Why “Not Forever” is a Good Thing

Some people mourn the days of tattoos being forever, when the only option of erasing them was covering them up. However, others love the flexibility that tech like MedLite 6 offers. We can now embrace our fickle selves and try out the latest trends, like the watercolor tattoos that some artists think won’t last long thanks to a lack of border to “contain” the ink. We can test out how more visible tattoos look, like those on knuckles or necks, without a lifetime commitment.

If you have ink you’d like erased, the technology has finally caught up with your desires. MedLite 6 is perfect for all tattoo removal and you can start your sessions now to achieve clear skin by summer. With warm weather right around the corner, it’s no longer going to be so easy to cover up with long sleeves and pants. Embrace clear, beautiful skin OR get ready for new ink you’re really going to love with the help of MedLite 6. We offer complimentary consultations on all treatments, including tattoo removal. While you’re here, you can also learn more about how MedLite 6 can help with other skin goals such as UV damage reduction. Find out all about the options available at 十大网堵平台 by calling the office to schedule your consult or simply complete the online form for the quickest response.